Ron and Caren Welcome You to Voltaire Cycles Sarasota!

Hello Neighbors and Fellow Sarasota-area Friends,

We can’t wait to meet you and connect you to the beautiful and empowering world of Electric Bikes. We are Caren and Ron and we have just opened Voltaire Cycles Sarasota at The Shops at Casey Keys: a dream-come-true.

Like many of you, we have been passionate about cycling all of our lives.  Naturally, we wanted to enter into a market that would allow us to share that passion with others. 

Ron’s journey largely started in Northern Virginia, Virginia Beach and eventually Venice, Florida where he moved in 2011. Cycling became his passion while living in Richmond, Virginia riding the foothills of Virginia and the Blue Ridge Mountains in western Virginia. 

Caren grew up in Germany and was introduced to cycling early on by her British grandfather who took her on numerous tours all around the southwest of England. Caren rediscovered her love of cycling in southern Indiana where she attended college.  She is a recent transplant from Colorado and enjoyed mountain biking up and down the front range, mountains, and Western Slope for over 30 years.  

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After hearing story after story about people wanting to escape the hard, raw, soul-gutting grips of COVID and explore healthy activities that families and loved ones could do together, we decided that the time was right.  We really wanted to jump into an arena that would allow us to help people enhance their lifestyles, livelihoods and day-to-day mobility.  Our collective dream was to open a top-tier, customer-service based shop that offered a broad range of E-Mobility makes and models.  We doubled-down and set course for a rapid opening.

We soon discovered that there are many different reasons people are excited about turning to E-Bikes and Mobility.  Some folks are excited about doubling the distance they ordinarily travel in the same amount of time while expending the same energy. Some cyclists want to travel the same distance in half the time. Some folks who’ve been sidelined due to injury or inactivity have found a new lease on exercise, and some are just simply excited about getting back outside, enjoying the sun and breeze.  People are excited to use their bikes to commute to work, arriving ready to take on the day.  Cargo bikes are replacing car pools.  Others enjoy cycling to the grocery store or a friend’s house for dinner, or heading to the local pub or restaurant.  

People come into Voltaire Cycles every day talking about their amazing E-Bikes or trikes or skateboards or scooters and the experiences they have enjoyed with them.  We are excited and humbled to know that we offer a place for folks to come in and share those stories.  Our customers know that they have a place to service any of their vehicles and help them climb into new bikes when they're ready, or just show up and share a story.  Our experienced sales staff is always ready to listen and to help.  Please ask for Jeff (Lead Technician), or Mike (Sales Manager), or Stephanie (Sales associate and Rental/Tour Guru); they are the best!

As we mentioned above, we would love for you to come in and find out what the E-BUZZ is all about.  

Ron and Caren are excited to provide the community with a fun, healthy and safe outlet for enjoying the outdoors. They're also intent on supporting other local businesses and organizations through unique partnerships and fundraising events. Keep an eye out for our colorful trucks and exciting-looking E-Bikes at popular locations in the Sarasota County area. 

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Caren Salzer and Ron O'Shea

Voltaire Cycles Sarasota

1260 S. Tamiami Trail

Osprey, FL 34229

941 922-0384




Don K

Don K

I bought the Summit mountain E bike last month Extremely Happy with the Service and Details given to purchase my first E bike, a top notch Staff, I look forward to purchasing another Bike very soon. Most fun I have had on a bike since a kid🐾🐾👣

Todd Matuszewicz

Todd Matuszewicz

I have known Caren for nearly a decade. When they say you will receive a top-tier, customer service based experience at Voltaire, you will. Not to be hyperbolic but I know you will receive better than than top tier.

Todd Matuszewicz

Todd Matuszewicz

I have known Caren for nearly a decade and when Voltaire states that they are opening a top-tier, customer service shop, I guarantee that it is an understatement. Without seeming hyperbolic, you can expect an above top-tier experience.

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